Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Sales Will Rise

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Nokia Lumia 920, one of Windows 8 Phone
Once again, Microsoft states their belief about Windows Phone 8 and the smartphones that adopt it. Through Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with optimistic,  outspoken that the Windows 8 Smartphone sales will be higher. As a layman who can't predict the success or the failure of Windows Phone 8, it's perfectly natural if we judge Microsoft is promoting and confident when talking about their own products and being flaunted.
However, when we view it objectively, a statement from Steve Ballmer was very reasonable considering Microsoft in the last 1 year was learned from their less successful smartphone sales, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5. In addition, Microsoft also continues to make innovations, improvements and continue to develop the newest version of Windows Phone called Windows Phone 8 to be different and more acceptable to consumers.

And the most important thing is how to make the ecosystem in Windows Phone 8 is better and can cover all the needs of its users, especially about the availability of applications. That way, it could be Windows Phone will be the alternatives that's worth mentioning other than android and iOS that have been the most preferred by consumer.

At last, Microsoft mobilize their financial resources to promote Windows Phone 8. As we know, Microsoft poured a lot of money to promote Windows 8, but also the Windows 8 RT tablet and of course Windows Phone 8 for the smartphone as well.

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