BBM For Windows Phone Rumors Blowing

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Although there has been no plan and official confirmation from BlackBerry about BBM for windows phone, the rumors have been circulating that BBM will be available for windows phone. A few days ago, BlackBerry stating that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is not just limited to Android and iOS( iPhone ), but may be also to another platform like windows phone.

The statement was disclosed by Gary Klassen is one of the creators and executive producers of BBM. It could be that the purpose of not limited to just the Android and iOS is Windows Phone also a good destination for BBM.

Windows phone is the number 3 biggest mobile platform after android and iOS. Windows phone managed to overtake BlackBerry. Windows smartphone sales fronted by Nokia continues to increase over time.

At present, many smartphone users who expect BBM for windows phone will be come to their smartphone. But it most likely that BBM future will only support windows phone 8 and above, and will not support Windows Phone 7, windows phone 7.5 or 7.8.

The successful BBM for android and iPhone has become its own record for BlackBerry. The Download number has reached 10 million times after released and now BBM managed to get new users by 20 million people on android and iPhone users.

If the present of BBM for windows phone is correct, then BBM may become an instant messaging application that could threaten WhatsApp and WeChat position that are currently the most widely known about the number of users.

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