Asus Vivo Tab, Windows 8 RT Tablet With Quad Core Processor

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Windows 8 Tablet, Asus Vivo Tab
Asus will try his luck by making a tablet that adopts the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 RT. Asus Vivo Tab is a tablet that uses Windows 8 RT quad core processor in it. Asus Vivo Tab has a screen size of 10 inch LCD using IPS type screen that has a maximum pixel resolution of 1366 x 768. As for the depth of pixels on the screen Vivo Tab reached 155 dpi. Relatively low compared to the similar tablets from competitors.

This Windows 8 RT supports the processor with ARM architecture. Vivo Tab has decide to use a quad core processor from Nvidia Tegra 3. And for its RAM, its embedded with 2 GB. The camera feature is one of the reliable features of this new tablet from Asus. It's rare, a tablet manufacturers like Apple or Samsung who dare to embed an 8 mega pixel camera. And in Vivo Tab, there is a camera with a resolution of 8 mega pixels reaches a maximum and 2 mega pixel front camera.

Asus Vivo Tab's price is quite expensive just like another Windows 8 RT tablets. The price offered for Vivo Asus Tab is approximately about US $600. Not only that, Asus also offers accessories such as Vivo Tab keyboard dock worth of US $170. With the keyboard dock attached, the Vivo Tab can function like a notebook. See more previews about gadget update on the next post.

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