Nvidia Releasing Tegra Note, Another Competitors for Nexus 7 Tablet

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Tegra Note, a new mid-class android tablet from Nvidia
All this time, Android tablet always identical to the Galaxy Tab from Samsung or Google Nexus 7 . Both are dominating the Android tablet sales from 2012 until the middle of this year. Nvidia immediately saw a gap and then took the opportunity with the release of their new gadgets, a 7-inch tablet called Tegra Note. This Quad Core Android tablet from Nvidia was circulated to compete with the other mid-price tablets.

Nexus 7 is known as a pioneer of cheap android tablet . With a reasonable price of  US $199 , the Nexus 7 tablet that uses a quad -core Tegra 3 processor and a 7- inch tablet was able to beat many favorites fame like Motorola Xoom or the Galaxy Tab 2 .

Nvidia will put a price around US $199 for the Tegra Note. The difference is that Tegra Note will have a Tegra 4 processor that has an equivalent performance as Snapdragon 800. In its official release, Nvidia Tegra tablet informs us that the Note will be produced in collaboration with several producers or manufacturers such as Asus , Toshiba , Oppo and the others.

Another spec owned by Tegra Note Tablet is the 5 mega pixel camera , 16 GB internal memory and comes with a micro SD slot . Judging from the existing spec, Tegra Note Tablet may be other threats for Galaxy Note. Nvidia will start selling Tegra Note Android Tablet this October in various areas. US$199 is not an expensive price for the size of 7 inch Android tablet with a great processor .

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