Lumia 1520 Predicted to Become Best Selling Windows Phone Phablet

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It has been almost 2 years since Nokia decided to use windows phone as their primary platform. Nokia is considered unable to compete with Samsung and Apple today. However, the prediction that Nokia will bounce back and fight was justified by the media.

Through a variety of Lumia products released this year, Nokia is optimistic that they will return to compete with Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG in the smartphone and tablet market products. Last week Nokia released three new products, two smartphone and one tablet that predicted to be their best selling windows phone and tablet.

Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 is Nokia's new smartphone products. The presence of both can be considered a complete curiosity where Nokia previously considered followed in a matter of quickly adopting smartphone and not a growing trend.

Trends in question was a matter of smartphone product with wider screens or so-called phablet (phone and tablet). We have had a lot of android phablet products flooding the market now, and consumers are a bit bored with this phenomenon because there is only a choice that offers android phablet.

Lumia 1520 offers something new. A 6-inch phablet from Nokia has a great spec, which is on par with the Galaxy Note 3 and the other high-end android phablet.

In addition, Lumia 1520 also integrates Lumia elegant design style, the ability of the camera features is 20.7 mega pixels and of course it's great performance is coupled with the presence of quad-core Snapdragon processor 800 and 2GB RAM.

Currently, there is no information about the price of Lumia 1520. This best selling windows phone, Lumia 1520 prices are likely to be around USD 800, and not much different from competing products like the Galaxy Note 3.

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