LG G Flex, New Android Smartphone With Flexible Screen

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The new android smartphone news has blown. Tired of defeated by Samsung that already released the Galaxy Round, LG that's also South Korean smartphone manufacturer has just released their smartphone with a flexible display called LG G Flex .

As discussed in the earlier rumors, the LG G Flex using an unusual design when compared with smartphones in general. Even when compared to the Galaxy Round, LG G Flex will looks weird.

The oddity is in the middle (between the top and bottom) that are curved / concave. While the Galaxy Round concave side is in the middle between the right and left ( not up and down ) .

But in terms of specifications, the LG G Flex deserve thumbs up. With a 6-inch screen and HD resolution, the LG G Flex looks so great. If the Galaxy Round has the same size as the Galaxy Note 3 with 5.7 inch, the LG G Flex obviously greater.

The embedded processor on the LG G Flex also entered the ranks of the top processors for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the quad-core 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. As for its 2 GB RAM, LG embedded an Adreno 330 GPU.

While in the camera, there is a 13 mega pixel camera similar to that existing in the LG G2. In the rear there is also a plus and minus buttons, like on the LG G2 .

LG will start selling the LG G Flex in November. In cooperation with telecoms operator in South Korea. Currently, no information on how much the price of the LG G Flex. And will it be sold in the global market or not.

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