Xbox Surface Tablet Will Released Soon?

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Not tired with Surface tablet and Surface Smartphone, Microsoft made a new surprise. Microsoft will release a tablet that can serve as a games device. They call it Xbox Surface tablet. Is the Xbox Surface tablet will use the same platform with the first Surface tablet that adopt Windows 8 RT? That question seems unclear, because of the existing leaks, Microsoft has not made ​​a formal statement about what platform that will be brought to Xbox Surface.

The rumors about the existence of Xbox Surface tablet have known from the beginning of June. But after the release of Windows 8, Microsoft dared a little to reveal the tablet ​​specifically made for the gaming. Xbox Surface Tablet spec that has spread explain that it will use 7 inch screen size. And the first thing that will make us a little stunned was the 5 GB RAM.

The processor to be used on the Xbox Surface is dual core processor. And the GPU that will handle high graphic for games, Microsoft also plans to embed Custom AMD 28nm GPU with 1.2GB GDDR5 memory.

The last part is about the size of internal memory. Xbox Surface tablet seemingly unlike the other conventional tablet because it would have up to 250 GB internal memory. The size of the internal memory is anticipating the installation size of each games that take a sizable memory size. But the question is, what Xbox Surface tablet will have a thick or thin design like the other tablet devices? Let's just wait.

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