HTC One Dual SIM Version Will Be Available In China

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Many people have thought that smartphone sales will increase in the next few years. China is a good market for some of the world's smartphone manufacturers. An effort that being explored by HTC to get more consumers in China is releasing the HTC dual sim smartphone with micro SD slot.

The HTC One dual sim with micro sd slot existence is now strengthened by the photograph that shows the HTC One with an opened back cover and there looks 2 sim card slot and micro SD slot. Although the back cover can be opened, but still the HTC battery cover is closed. So, by opening the back cover we can just replace the sim card and inserting the micro SD card.

The HTC One dual sim version will be marketed by one of the largest operators in China, China Unicom. China Unicom will do the bundling strategy with this new smartphone to be able to suppress the price and make the consumer interested in purchasing it.

With the presence of this new HTC dual sim version, didn't stop the market of the original HTC One(single sim and without micro SD card slot). But, of course the original HTC one sales won't be so high compared to the sales of HTC dual sim version. It seems that HTC one dual sim version won't be marketed in Southeast Asia soon, it's because of the original HTC one has just entered the market in southeast Asia.

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cisgirin said...

The Dual Sim functionality features on latest smart phones is undoubtedly a MUST and a NECESSITY for business man and even ordinary employees. Two activated sims that the phone owner may use without carrying 2 separate phones and segregation of monitoring the use for business and personal..

Apr 30, 2013, 12:16:00 AM

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