New ZTE Android Phone Ready for The Market

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After hearing a news that Samsung are going to release their upcoming phone for music segment, this time ZTE has released their music phone, ZTE Engage. The latest android smartphone from ZTE is having a 4 inch wide screen. Quoted from androidauthority, ZTE Engage will use the type of processor that is rarely used, MSM8655T Scorpion Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz. That smartphones also use Adreno 205 for the GPU.

As for the RAM, ZTE Engage will use 1 GB RAM that will support this phone. Embedded memory is 4 GB. There is also a microSD slot for adding your own external memory with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. This android gadget will be adopted with android 4.0 ICS Operating system.

ZTE is currently continues to expand out this new gadget from China that've been their main market for many of their products. There are many ZTE android smartphone that spread over Asia, Europe and North America too. Although still considered  new for middle class manufacturers for android os adopters, There is a fact that ZTE still have a place for the lower to middle class. One of their best selling products was the ZTE Blade that was released about a year ago.

As for Asia Region, ZTE smartphone sales now focused for a low budget class. That is understandable because the average Asian region populated by developing countries such as Indonesia, China and India. However for the new gadgets, ZTE Endgage Android music smartphone is rumored to be the middle class phone that will only be marketed in the United States. In sharp contrast with the strategy of always targeting the ZTE medium in Asia in general. Please note that ZTE is not just mobile phone manufacturer, their other gadgets that are successful in the market is their mobile broadband usb modem.

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